FIVE-YEAR SUMMARY: Intimations on Family Order

FIVE-YEAR SUMMARY: Intimations on Family Order

Even as a toddler, a human being can recognize God working from the outside of our heart by way of His creative order. The most noticeable example of this is the human family.  The family contains order from God.  We see this more clearly when we understand that ‘family’ is one of God’s primary means to guide individuals into loving relationships as His imagers.  

Many people are part of broken families (brokenness exists in all families).  A person can perceive God’s order by looking into a broken mirror and see what parts are missing.  Even in more healthy environments, people deal with chaos to deal with which we inherit through the sinful nature or perhaps our genes. 

The reality of human beings is that we are exiled from Eden and the reality of life is sin and brokenness and separation from God.  Nevertheless, all is not lost, God has given us coving for our shame.  He did so for Adam and Eve and does so for all of Adam and Eve’s children.  Much is involved in covering our sin. 

God is still engaged for God’s nature does not change.  Scripture communicates time and time again that God is faithful (His unchanging nature) even when we are faithless (our nature).  Though we make mistakes and sin. God upholds His order.  

As children, we make sinful blunders we later read about in the Bible.  Amid our brokenness, God begins from the outside to the inside telling us His way is supportive, instructive, and full of love.  This remains true despite all our failures.  He is the basis in relationships that gives life meaning 

God reveals much about Himself through the human family.  God did it at the beginning of creation and He does it to this day.  God, in His wisdom, created men and women and connected them in families to oversee and bring order and to lovingly rule on earth.  This is one of the fundamental foundations of how God fills people, and thereby the world, with His vast Glory. 

God wants to reveal Himself to us.  He does so in the Scriptures.  He, more perfectly, does so in the Person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ taught us that whenever ‘two or three’ gather that His presence is there with them.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is Who creates peace from chaos. 

Family is as God ordained, the best reflection of Who He is on earth.  God creates real meaning for people in families and His presence is real and ideal.  This is true in all families and in all brokenness. 


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