THE WAY OF LIFE: Jesus, the Son of man Who Delivers [Part 6 of 8]



Basic Assumptions:

* ‘Son of Man’ is Jesus’ favorite Old Testament nickname/title for Himself.

* Sin is a big deal and has far-reaching physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational repercussions.

* Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.

* Hell is separation from God after death.


Jesus is established as the Son of Man Who can redeem human beings because He is life-giving.  Sin (its spiritual impact) is no longer an issue for human beings because He defeated sin and death.  Human beings must accept Jesus Christ to be a part of the order that He has set up.  Human beings have a longing for more from existence.  What is needed is God Himself.  We strive after life in our flesh, but we cannot achieve what we are really after.  What we are really after is life in God.  What people are after is a breath of life… which only comes from God.

God is self-sufficient and has no need for anything.  He is the source of all breath.  He is the source of life.  Sin broke off humans’ access to life in God.  The relationship with Him is broken because of sin.  Sin has been dealt with and Jesus condemned it on the cross.  A person does not go to Hell because of sin, but one goes to Hell because Jesus is not accepted.  The flesh is condemned.  What Adam and Eve did has been paid for through the blood of Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, brought the innate life of God and connected it with human beings.  Jesus brought the Divine Relationship of the Three Persons in contact with human beings because of His nature.  Humans can now participate in the life that God offers.  Jesus takes Adam’s place as He is the Promised One Who will deliver His son (humanity) back to Him.  We must receive Jesus Christ and the life that He offers to be a part of the order God has set up. 

Life is only found in that order.

Life is innate in God.

Life is given to those who have a relationship with Him.

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