THE WAY OF LIFE: The Holy Spirit [Part 7 of 8]



Basic Assumptions:

* ‘The Kingdom of God’ is a multi-use term based on context that can mean Heaven, the Church, or the way of life Jesus taught.

* Baptism is an immersion into water whereby a human soul receives forgiveness in Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

* Baptism of the water and the Spirit is to be ‘born again.’

* The ‘Kingdom of Darkness’ is everything that opposes God.


GOD is the light revealed in the spectrum of all Creation. God The Father Speaks forth (Jesus) and speaks forth multiplication (the Spirit). Their relationship is the foundational pattern of life itself. Thus, following that source from man comes forth woman who together bring forth multiplication (other humans). Therefore, we see that the relational pattern of the Godhead is the pattern for human life, and the basis for continuance (eternal life)

In the Bible, the Kingdom of God in Heaven, is presented as what is to be mirrored on Earth.  The Kingdom of God is a marriage of the spirit realm and the material realm… as one… the garden paradise.  The goal of God is to be all-in-all.  All life reflects the Persons of God, yet in human beings, we see that they bear His image and thereby reveal His glory.

In God’s redemptive order, [the arrow with the water drops in the above picture] baptism is important. Baptism is where one transfers from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light.  It is in baptism that the presence of the Holy Spirit marks believers as His (John 3:5, Acts 2:38).  There is a multiplication of God of disciples by way of the Holy Spirit in being born again.  A person cannot be part of the Kingdom of God or fully reflect God without being born again through baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Disciples are multiplied by the Spirit.

Through baptism, human beings accept God and become part of His family and become God’s children.  His children are multiplied and illuminated by His Spirit.  Believers become part of the Body of Christ/the Church. The Church is the place where the Children of God gather to live forever as family.

Multiplication is the way of life by way of the Holy Spirit. When people reflect God, we multiply in our dominion (disciples making disciples) and rule His Creation.  God is the absolute example.  Human beings follow in reflecting Him.  God Biblically has roles in and of Himself which reveals to human beings how to exercise dominion on Earth.  It is by the way of the Spirit and thereby the relational nature of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that this reality takes place in the Kingdom of GOD.

By way of explanation, in Acts 1-2, Jesus Christ tells the disciples that they will be His witnesses in the world for the Kingdom of the Father, but must wait until the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon them.  The multiplication of believers comes by way of the Holy Spirit. 

The pattern to be followed then is… the Father speaking forth the Son (the Word) and the Son multiplying by way of the Spirit.  This practically happens when the Church (from Christ’s Body) goes forth from the Son of God making disciples and multiplying the Kingdom of Heaven.

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