This series of blogs on “MEANING TO MEDITATE TO CONFORM” is our invitation to you to come along and slowly think through these words so that we conform to the nature and character of God.  We will present a word each week to meditate on and conform our hearts.  


The word means to discern or separate between something good or something bad.  The word is similar to ‘discernment’ which tends to be a positive word.  The word is also related to ‘judgmental’ which tends to be a negative word.  Judgement (spelled ‘judgment’ more properly) is the opinion of someone’s deeds whether good or bad based on evident appearance though not necessarily on agreed moral grounds. 

Being ‘judgmental’ is akin to ‘stereotyping’ which is seen as completely negative.  Even non-Bible readers can probably half quote “Do not judge or you too will be judged” which is Matthew 7:1. Judgment is opinion.  Judgment in our minds is negative for everyone because it is based on our flawed system of thoughts and imperfect views of morality. 


Judgment is a well-established opinion or in God’s case a decree.  It has to be something more than opinion since it comes from the all-Knowing God.  We find a conflict often with social norms which influence judgment because they are based on sin-soaked opinion.  The Bible used to be the biggest influence on those norms which itself is not opinion.  Keep in mind the three most prominent religions in the world are based on Biblical values and thus so are a large percentage of the nation’s laws.  

Even in churches the half-thought from Matthew 7:1 prevails and judging others is looked down upon or at least is viewed as very cautionary.  By the way, the thought does not end in 7:1, but continues in 7:2 and indicates the measure and knowledge used in judgment is important.  The complete standard is ultimately important.  The problem is that people have incomplete knowledge and sinful opinions and human-centered philosophies that impact our opinions. 

The negative aspect of judgment prevails in churches because it is connected with Hell.  The Bible presents eternal life and eternal death as a judgment because of the sinful nature.  God has judged this.  Christians do not often see the judgment for life, but only see the judgment of sinfulness to remain apart from God for eternity.   

Judgment means I need to accept Jesus and once I do… I’m good, be quiet.  It is more than that! 


Bible teaches God Nature is the ultimate good or standard to judge.  God’s nature is revelatory (patient, kind, holy, righteous) and sheds light on His judgment.  This is expressed in His Word.  The Bible reflects the character of God and His judgment of right and wrong.  Because of His nature it is not opinion… but rather true.  God is the Ultimate Judge. 

On the positive side, Christ’s resurrection is a judgment for humanity against sin and paved a way for righteousness.  We can share in this positive judgment when we accept Jesus.  This judgment shows God’s character and what is good and right and then also evil and destructive. 

On the negative side, in the Bible wickedness is destroyed.  We often just think of Hell when we think of judgment, but it is more than just a place… but rather behind all of it is the righteous perfect nature of God.   

Judgment is a decision or decree that comes from God Who is all-knowing and all-seeing.  It is His decree based on truth and is more than an opinion and it is final… this is eternal judgment.  This leads human beings to judge/distinguish between what is good and evil. 


We need to end up at Jesus.  Judgment is revelatory of God’s character expressed perfectly in Jesus Christ.  God does not take pleasure in judging, but conforming to Christ brings liberty and life.  Judgment teaching in the Bible reveals God’s character in His fullness.  Escaping judgment means resting in Christ and denying self.  Count on God for life

When it comes to personal issues, we still need to end up at Jesus.  Ultimately God will judge and we need to help others be pulled from the ‘fires of judgment.’  We need to deny ‘self’ and seek the Lord’s Truth when it comes to people and morality for their good.  We must seek the ultimate good of others and be willing to sacrifice to make it happen.  We must learn to love without fear of condemnation. 

This series of blogs on “MEANING TO MEDITATE TO CONFORM” is our invitation to you to come along and slowly think through these words so that we conform to the nature and character of God.  We will present a word each week to meditate on and conform our hearts. 

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