God’s Offer of Life

Introduction and Purpose

In this section, you will discover the reasons for this study and some assumptions Troy and Brian make throughout the study.  We all come to the Bible with preconceived ideas.



Section One: Genesis, Life Comes from God

The beginning of the Bible explains how the entire plan of God exists to offer human beings life.  There is no life apart from God.  Begin to dive into all of Scripture with John 14:6 in mind.


Section Two: The Law (Exodus-Deuteronomy), Life Comes Through Covenant

The Bible continues in the writings of Moses to explain how God offers human beings life through a relationship with Him.

Section Three: Joshua, Truth Leads to the Way Which Does Work

The Book of Joshua chronicles more of the History of Israel and expands on the way of living that God prescribes which is rooted in Truth that He provides.

Section Four: Life of David, Falling Forward into Life

Our lives do not go as planned.  David’s life did not go as planned.  In the midst of sin and errors, God still offers us a way to have life provided by Him.

Section Five: Kings-Chronicles, True Believers are the Remnant Following the Way

The idea of “The Remnant” is a huge idea historically and theologically in the Old and New Testaments.  The Remnant are those who follow God and have invested their life in the Way He prescribes.

Section Six: The Prophets, The Faithfulness of God

Every prophet that God sent over the generations expresses the faithfulness of God for His people over and over.  God continues to offer a way of life rooted in truth that results in life for His followers.  God offers this over and over through His prophets.

Section Seven: Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Alive in God’s Realm

With the advent of Jesus Christ, a whole Kingdom of God is ushered into the world where life in God is possible.  It is only possible by way of the Messiah… Jesus Christ.

Section Eight: John, Light that Leads to Life

Jesus Christ sheds light on the manner God wants His followers to live.  Jesus Christ exposes the Kingdom of God and the truth about God’s offer of life for everyone to see.

 Section Nine: The Book of Acts, No Mistake they were Called The Way

The Book of Acts is a historical book which chronicles the rise and spread of Christianity.  It also shares with us that the way of life taught by Jesus was practiced by His followers after His Ascension.

Section Ten: Romans 1-8, This is How God Brings Us into Atoning Life

The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome is heavy with theology and practical matters about Christianity.  The kind of life Jesus Christ offers is rooted in the atonement He offers through His death, burial, and resurrection.

Section Eleven: The Writings of Paul, Wisdom from God that will Bring Us into Life

Life is given freely through Jesus Christ.  This is not a gimmick, but rather a whole way of living rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  The Apostle Paul expands and practically applies the truth Jesus taught.

Section Twelve: The Writings of Peter, Salvation of Your Souls

Make no mistake, God’s offer of life is a serious one.  The type of life that God offers is not physical life, but life of the soul.  Jesus Christ offers atonement for souls and that life is rooted in the way of truth He taught and lived.

Section Thirteen: The Writings of John, God Wants You to Have Life

The Apostle John walked and talked with Jesus Christ on a very personal level.  As a result, John expresses well the kind of life that Jesus Christ is offering and it is a serious offer for each and every person.