This series of blogs on “MEANING TO MEDITATE TO CONFORM” is our invitation to you to come along and slowly think through these words so that we conform to the nature and character of God.  We will present a word each week to meditate on and conform our hearts. 


The word in terms of the world in general means to ‘turn from the world and empty self.’ Turning from the world is important.  Emptying self is important.  Emptying self to remain separate from stress is needed.  There is also a sense that this humbles a person in life and keeps them on track.  Dictionary definitions have religious bends and also other aspects, but it is seen primarily as a ‘religious practice.’ 


Most of the time ‘meditation’ is seen as pagan or worldly by those who do not understand meditation is in the Bible (Judeo-Christian understanding).  In general, Christians are not taught how to meditate properly on God.  Meditation is considered mystical and abstract.  It is a spiritual discipline often seen as part of natural religions and paths in religions that lead us away from God. 

In addition, we get bored easily and we want to be entertained.   Sometimes the Bible is used as a self-help book which is a terrible practice and perspective about the Word of God.  Most churches/denominations have a tendency to ‘do it wrong’ in our focus and in our needs.  We focus on what we need rather than on God. Some churches are better than others. 

Prayer is seen as a form of meditation.  Prayer is focusing on God and is therefore meditation. 


Human beings are part of nature and the crown of God’s Creation.  Meditation is part of spiritual discipline as presented in the Bible.  It is indeed turning from the world.  It is indeed separating us from our arrogant nature and leading us to humbleness.   

When focusing on Scripture, specifically the Psalms, we find meditation is manifesting into the physical tangible world what already is in Heaven. 

Psalm 77 speaks about denying self and emptying self and diligently searching for God.  Key words are: ‘remembered’ and ‘ponder.’  This meditation allows us to be led by God and be His representative. 

Psalm 119:15-16 speaks about focusing on God’s precepts and focusing on God’s nature.  The precepts we focus on lead us to God’s ways and so we understand Him.  In verse 16, we find a joyous experience for those that love God and don’t forget His Word. 

Three more verses that emphasize the meaning and goal of meditation in the Bible: Psalm 111:2 says it’s a delight to study God’s works.  Psalm 143:5 focuses us to remember, meditate, and ponder God’s actions.  Psalm 145:5 directs us to remember the very majesty of God and what He does should be on our minds

Joshua 1:8 speaks to the blessing of meditation on God’s word.  This passage (among others) shows us to be centered on something that does not leave us in the midst of the chaos of life.  God keeps us therefore we should be constantly thinking of Him and be careful to keep God in front of us.  Joshua points out this leads us to success. 

Philippians 4:8 assures us that wholeheartedly embracing meditating on God’s word frees us because the Word of God is true.  When we go forward and meditate on God with our whole heart, there is a covering formed from Truth that sets us free.  Meditation is guarding our hearts in our relationship with God


Meditation is a personal relationship with Wisdom.  Meditation is emptying our human ourselves and filling ourselves with the Word of God and thoughts of His Nature.  It is a purification. 

Meditating is learning about God from the Biblical account of God’s relationship with humans.  The Bible is the best Source in considering Who God is and how we should practically respond to Him in our chaotic world. Theologically stated, we meditate to see how God’s word can be incarnate through us.  

Biblical Meditating practically means seeking to bring forth wisdom from God. We want to live out (‘to incarnate’) God’s wisdom since God alone is complete in His ways. 


  1. Read the Bible slowly and do not rush.  Look at certain words and think through what they mean and how they impact your life.  Let the Word change your heart and how you face the day. 
  1. Throughout the day when frustrated by people… focus on God’s character and serve them based on Him rather than based on self
  1. “Me time” means prayer and Bible reading and fill up with God’s perspective on how to deal with the world.  Hiding in prayer is important, but meditation leads us to proper action in relating to the world. 
  1. Meditation is not devotional, but is constantly cognizant of God in all our words, decisions, and action. 

This series of blogs on “MEANING TO MEDITATE TO CONFORM” is our invitation to you to come along and slowly think through these words so that we conform to the nature and character of God.  We will present a word each week to meditate on and conform our hearts. 

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