BEATITUDES SERIES: Hungry for More than Just His Stuff

BEATITUDES: Hungry for More than Just His Stuff

MATTHEW 5:6: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

It occurs to us that a real attitude exists for most human beings.  This attitude is not a good one, but is prevalent nevertheless.  The attitude is this: We don’t really want to know God; we just want His stuff.  We want salvation, but we don’t want to stop sinning.  We want His blessings, but want to live how we want to live.  We expect Him to be loving and gracious and powerful in answering our prayers, but we want Him to do our will.  This may not be an overt attitude, but it is how some act.  We don’t really want to know God; we just want His stuff. 

Jesus speaks about being satisfied in God.  Conforming to Jesus Christ in our lives fills the hunger and thirst in us for our relationship with God.  No pursuit of Him means we remain hungry and thirsty.  He does and will fill us with His presence when we seek Him.  We should want to worship and pray and read the Scriptures.  For most, the only Bible they know is what is spoon fed to them in a 20-minute sermon.  That ain’t this verse.

Many obstacles get in our way of hungering and thirsting after righteousness.  Top of the list is self-fulfillment.  We do not deny ourselves, but seek self.  Also, busyness and life activities which we believe are important crowd out our pursuit of our Heavenly Father.  These fleshly things fill us up (in the short-term) and we don’t seek after God. 

Jesus was being very practical and speaking to a crowd.  Jesus saw this need and this hunger in those to whom He was speaking.  They all needed to hear this on a practical level because they are a nation God’s people who in general are not hungry or thirsty for Him.

Matthew 5:6 (this verse) is a hinge statement in the flow of the beatitudes that Jesus is speaking.  The first beatitudes lead directly to this one.  Before this verse, is more internal and personal.  After, we get to external and active.  Faith is not just internal, but woven into all our lives and works out daily in our attitudes, actions, thought life, and what we pursue.

We should get up every morning and just… want to be a Christian.  Just follow Him.  First, define properly what a ‘Christian’ is and then go for it!  Live it.  Seek it.  Decide.  Sort it out.  Make decisions for God.  The trajectory of life is Christ seeking on a regular basis and it is a way of life.  ‘Getting saved’ and ‘got grace’ is not the only offering of God, but He rather offers Himself to us in life.  It is so much more than God’s stuff. 


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