1 JOHN 5: About Being Fathered by God

Read 1 John chapter 5 first.

What follows is some of my thoughts in meditating on 1 John chapter 5. I Hope you find them helpful!

Belief Brings Birth

God always puts His seed in the open heart through his Son having a body formed of the earth just like any human. God seeds the souls of humanity through his Son being like plowed earth, if you will, and indwells open hearts with his Spirit. The very resurrection power of God. So, they can grow out of the earth to be righteous. In this way, God has fathered we who believe. Since we believe in the human, HE fathered by his Spirit through his love for the world, namely, Jesus of Nazareth. The Messiah and his one and only, unique Son.

Yes, in the heart of the soul fathered by God is the love of God. Most clearly revealed in us by love for the brothers and sisters of those with Faith in Christ. In this way John proclaims, by being fathered by God, such people follow the Son of God to conquer the world.

So, of course, the Son is a big deal!
Verse 4 ends saying,

“this is the conquering power that has conquered the world: our faith.” (NET)

Those who believe in the one who overcame, so conquer.

John tells us that Jesus came by water and blood not water only but water and blood. That speaks to the fact God the Father has commanded such a unique life to come forth. Moreover, if you keep in mind Jesus’s mother Mary was a virgin in the chaos of humanity. That also sticks with the context of the passage about being fathered by God. So, John here I think has emphasized that Jesus was human with a human life of flesh and blood. He did not just appear human. He was human and his coming by blood I think points to his death and resurrection. But to be honest is hard to nail down what is meant by the one who came by water and blood.

Nevertheless, The Son (Jesus) has come to us with life and has come to us through death, and in him, we can share in the life that conquers. To those that believe the testimony John proclaims, you have eternal life because to have the Son is to have life itself. Since life exists in God and Jesus is a human (the Godman but fully human) who resides in the presence of Father God.

To disbelieve the testimony of Jesus and his apostles of which John is one. Is to call them liars. To neglect God’s spoken command is to call God a liar, which God says leads to death. (see Genesis 2:17) God, by the way, cannot lie. He is the truth. Those that believe he is true share in his eternal life. They can ask for what they need in bearing his Name, and they will have it.

John concludes warning in verse 21, “Little children, guard yourselves from idols.” The very opposite way of living from what this letter has instructed. The participation and or worship of an image of who or what (real or imaginary) one might turn to for help, comfort, and direction. To live choosing good oneself without or over honoring God with your life. Those who know God live for God, and he imparts his Spirit to them, the great Comforter and from him alone are we to receive counsel. Others find there relieve in sin and are powerless to overcome the powers that shepherd sinful behavior. And make no mistake about it, “sin” in its twisted way is a comfort to us and we have a willful inclination to turn to sin’s momentary comfort. Therefore, we must guard our souls since we who believe are not yet glorified.

We (Christians) must heed to command to acknowledge the LORD and love, especially those of the family of Faith in Christ.


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