BEATITUDES SERIES: Purified by Christ’s Life

BEATITUDES SERIES: Purified by Christ’s Life

As we look at the Bible, it is very clear that God is life giving.  He is the Creator and Sustainer of all that we see.  He us the Uncreated Creator that begins all life.  In the Bible we see three important Truths overall:

#1 God constantly gives provisions for life.

#2 The rituals in Leviticus are associated with life… not death.

#3 We must all look to God for life.

When we seek out the Holy Uncreated Creator and Sustainer, we find continuance in relation to God within community.  His Kingdom (His community) is set up that those who enter are purified.  In the Old Testament, Levitical laws are set up to purify someone within and without to be in the presence of God. 

Purity is made real so that God can be present in community.

The problem, of course, is sin.  Sin is our greatest problem and obstacle.  God made provisions to cover over sin by the laws He instituted with Israel.  By law, those who obey the Law of old covenant are putting their faith in God words and He washes them.  He purifies them… for a time… because sin always comes back.

A permanent solution was needed.  God knew that.

Sin is not cleansed from us by anything but the very life of Christ.  Because sin is ‘missing the mark’ in reflecting God’s good nature, we need Someone Who missed no marks and had no sin and bowed to no temptation.  Christ is the image of God in the flesh and those that put faith in Him receive forgiveness provided through Christ. 

Only Jesus gives life.

Only Jesus purifies.


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