Chapter 20 is a summary chapter recounting all that has happened in chapters 14-19 and is a summary of the full Revelation of Christ presented in this book.  The chapter starts with the Cross and ends with the destruction of evil.  In the middle, is a symbolic 1000 years of spiritual warfare with those who put faith in Christ and the expansion of the Gospel in opposition to worldly influences (sin, devil-controlled world powers, death) in opposition to the Gospel.  Also I want to note the uses of 1000 years by other apostle Peter in 2nd peter 3 a time where he states God is being patient in order to bring many salvation before the second coming. We are about 2000 years beyond that statement.  I point this out as a figurative use of 1000 years. Also, as a likening to a period of time before Christ return when the work in the earth will be burned up. The chapter 20 summary progresses from the chaining of Devil the population of the gospel and the destruction of  Devil and finally Death..

Dragon = the Satan = the Devil = power on earth with/behind the Beast = opposition to the Gospel = head of all rebellious spiritual powers


Verse 1:  The pit mentioned in this verse is like the pit in Revelation 9:1. In chapter 9, a “fallen star” opens the Abyss and from it comes smoke and an army of locusts.  In this passage, the Devil is bound with a chain.  The chain is the Gospel Message being proclaimed.

Verses 2-3:  Receiving the Gospel Message is the means of escape from the powers that have authority on the earth.  The sin-deception does not work on those who receive Jesus Christ as Lord.  There is a “little while” granted to the Devil to again deceive the nations at some period of the proclamation of the Gospel Message.  This deception of the Devil follows the “was, is not, and is to come” pattern that has already been seen in Revelation.  The Devil ends up going to destruction (see Revelation 17:8, 17:11; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6; Mark 3:27). 

Verses 4-5:  John sees believers reign with Christ for 1000 years.  The 1000 years are meant to be taken as symbolic for the time between the First Coming of Christ and the Second Coming of Christ since it depicts those in Heaven as all who die being no-beast-mark-takers-faithful to the Lord by martyrdom. (see Rev 6:9-11: Rev 11: 1-13: !4: 12-14: Rev 19:11-16) The 1000 years to end at Judgement Day.

NOTE: Verse 5 indicates some not coming to life (most likely unbeliever in Christ) indicating not being in God’s presence until Judgement Day.

Verse 6: Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection (Jesus’ resurrection on Easter).  This is almost the same wording as Revelation 14:13. Those who accept Christ participate in His resurrection and have died faithful to the Lord. And rest in Heaven as Rev 6:9-11 indicates. They share in Jesu Christ’s physical resurrection (the first resurrection) and dying faithful are forever alive in relationship to him in his resurrection.  They are reborn in Christ.  The second death has no power over them and only those born again are free of that fate.

Verses 7-10: These verses recount the “deception” hinted at in verse 3 which then follows with destruction.  So, After the 1000 years Satan is released to deceive the nations. A indicator that gospel has run its course. He deceiver he nations and gathers them to around God city/ people.. now fire comes down and completely consumed them. And the Devil (this includes all spiritual forces in opposition to the Lord see Matt. 25:41) is cast into the lake of fire. Where beast and false prophet have been for the 1000 years already (keep in mind 14:11 said to be in torment in present of Christ and his angels and 19:20 said to be captured) and they are torment day and night forever. (meaning are brought to be no more considering Isaiah 34:10 and Rev 21:4 amongst other passages. The judgement over the 1000 years coming into its full result in the complete destruction of The Satan.

The emphasis being God is purifying the space he will be present in forever. When speaking about devil, beast, and false prophet in torment. There should be in our minds God is a life-giving spirit, and his fire and sulfur purifies.

The point is those in the lake of fire they are no longer good for anything but to be burned up.

Persons which do not reflect God’s nature will have a end. Since the lifestyle in opposition to Christ’s nature is a denial of what is true. All that is stagnate is consumed in the presence of God’s unveiled truth. Where justice is present. In loss of life lasting forever because the payoff or wages, if you prefer, of sin is death. (see Romans 6::23 also John 3:16)

Verses 11-15: Judgement Day comes everyone faces the presence of God. Everyone and thing (even Death and Hades in these text personified) unworthy of the presence is cast into fire which is said to be the second death. (see Matthew 10:28; 2 Thess. 1:9, 1 Corinthians 3:13 and 5:10), which brings an end to suffering and death.


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