The main point in this chapter is to point out that Heaven is opened and that the Great Commission will be fulfilled.


Verse 1: We find a great multitude like in Revelation 7:9 representing God’s people from all nations.  We notice the 144,000 are not mentioned specifically.  We should understand that all God’s people from all nations are grafted together as a faithful remnant full of Jews in Christ and Gentiles in Christ.  In Christ, is the key for this multitude.

Verse 2: In reflection of what happened in chapters 17-18, “corruption” means she had behaved immoral with her beneficial status.

Verse 3: “Her smoke goes up forever” is a direct reference to Isaiah 34:10 as Edom was brought to an end with similar language showing complete destruction. 

Verse 4: All those around the throne (we have seen them before) agree with the judgement, praise, and bow in worship.

Verse 6: “Multitude.”  When the verse speaks about the multitude, the “many waters” are people from many nations.  We see in earlier chapters, the prostitute “sat on many waters” which meant she was over and had authority (queen) over many people.  There is a contrast between the “sealed” and the multitude.  There is a contrast between the “multitude” and the “many waters.”  “Unsealed” and “those among the many waters” are those who do not belong to God.

Verses 7-9: We have the Bride of Christ ready to be united with Christ because of righteous deeds.  Notice the contrast with the wicked.  The Bride has received the invitation from her Lord, but is not yet fully ready, but will be soon and fully mature soon.

Verse 10: The word “blessed” is used.  Those who are invited to the wedding of the Lamb are blessed much like those who “die in the Lord” (see Revelation 14:13).  Looking forward, the blessedness extends to those who reign with Christ 1000 years (Revelation 20:6).

Verse 11: Heaven is opened, and a white horse is seen in direct contrast with beast that prostitute sat upon.  We see symbolism of the spiritual warfare that occurs between the forces of good and forces of evil.

NOTE: There is a grand important progression when heaven opens.  Heaven opens several times in Revelation and each one shows a growth in the Kingdom.  We see a building build of the true temple of God… His people.  We also see a maturing of its population through spiritual warfare.  The Church grows up.  It is fitting to the name of the book since we see a revealing of the fullness God even as Christ is revealed to the world through the spreading of the Gospel.  Christ is known by all whether surrender to His kingship in faith or by His destruction of them for rejecting His warnings in progressive judgements.

Verses 12-16: He alone knows His Name because He alone is without sin and is One as the Father God is One.  He is holy.

Verses 17-21: The armies of righteousness have victory as Jesus leads.  The Beast is captured and thrown alive into the lake of fire.  “Alive” is a key word showing this is not the final judgement/Judgement day (see Daniel 7:11-12), but his fate is definitely sealed.  He is as good as dead if you will (see also Revelation 8:12 and 16:10).  The Gospel then has the opportunity to be shared with those under the Beast.

All other are conquered by the sword that comes out of His mouth.  The “sword” is the Word of God.  We see a process in action here in the imagery, but is not yet completed (see Jeremiah 12:9 and Ezekiel 39:17).


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