Highlighting Mark: Reaching Out in Faith

Mark 5:28 “because she thought, ‘If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.” (NIV)

This passage begins with a synagogue leader, named Jairus (which means ‘whom God enlightens’), coming to Jesus seeking to prevent his daughter’s death. Jesus began going along the way to the little girl to deliver her from death.

I must say to those whom God enlightens: He hears our requests and is willing to go the distance to reach our loved ones. He is willing to heal us and them. In the context of the passage, it is physical healing, but how much more is Jesus willing to do to bring eternal life! Remember though, He will not force life. Nevertheless, He gives life in response to our prayer. This is a principle in how to relate to God and His nature towards requests for our loved ones. God cares for all.

We also see in this passage faith reaching out towards God (literally and figuratively) when we learn from the account of Jesus and a woman suffering from a hemorrhage. God healed her because she mustered up the faith to touch Jesus. This hurting woman not only believed in Jesus but also dared touch His clothes. When she humbly (not selfishly) reached out in needful faith, the power of God through the Son of God met her at her point of need. When no one else could help her, she dared by faith to reach out and touch and was healed.

Faith in Christ with action resulted in restoration. Instantly.

This miracle happened even though Jesus still needed to travel to the little girl. Jesus brings the little girl back to life because Jairus as well had reached out in faith. If at first, our requests seem not to get an instant answer… as with the woman… notice that Jesus is willing to travel to our point of need. He will answer. In His time. According to God’s will. Jesus finishes what He sets out to do even when all seems to be lost.

Jesus Christ will bring life where there is faithfulness.


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