Highlighting Mark: Unclean Spirits

Mark 5:8 “For Jesus had said to him, ‘Some out this man, you impure spirit'” (NIV)

No one could subdue him.

The man knew Jesus’ name and that he was the Son of the Most High God. The unclean spirits were informing the man… it seems. Or he had got word from the people around the area, but that is not likely. 

Jesus did not have anything to do with the unclean spirits. Yet, He had everything to do with the man, and it is stated that Jesus began commanding the unclean spirit out of the man before any words were exchanged. This is the likely point at which they discovered the Presence they faced.

What’s more, the grammar seems to indicate the man himself requested that Jesus not torment him. The battles in the past seem to have been of immense torment to the man being so profoundly possessed. The man, it seems, requested Jesus to not cause him torment.

On a personal note…

… in our own strength alone dealing with demon inspired behavior, often results in torment on some level.

… when others are trying to help our demon inspired behavior, this often results in torment on some level.

… anytime we try to stretch towards godliness or just muzzle our demon inspired behavior, it always results in torment on some level.

We see in this Mark passage, God helping in His power over the demonic and His mercy towards humanity. Jesus is always commanding uncleanliness out and we must not resist Him in fear of torment. We need not fear torment because Jesus always comes in love and the victory is at His command. The man did not know this at first. He discovered in in the midst of the battle.

Jesus did something more than simply find the man and subdue his issue through a battle. He set the man free body and soul. 


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