Our attempt in this theological exercise, is to help you practically think through living out and reflecting God in your daily life. This is quite a daunting task as so much of God is not revealed to us. Some of what is revealed to us is far above our finite minds to grasp. We are attempting to help you practically live out who God reveals Himself to be. Spend time in this exercise with the amplified side articles, linked blogs, and audio files to help you understand what it means to practically reflect the Triune God.


Beginning Thoughts: God Himself comes in His glory generally manifest in our physical lives as fire. When you see God, you see fire as God’s way of relating to us. Where does this happen in the Scriptures?

At the Burning Bush (Exodus 3)

At the Opening of the Temple of God (2 Chronicles 7)

When Prophets speak of His Judgement (Isaiah 66:15-16)

At the Birth of the Church (Acts 2:1-4)

When the Apostles speak of Judgement Day (2 Peter 3:1-7)

It is God Himself [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] that comes in the glory of fire to uphold the foundation of His intent for our creation which is to be image bearers of Himself. It is God Himself [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] that Humanity is made to image. You were made to image Him and have life.

The Scriptures not only describe the physical manifestation of God in His Creation as fire, but also give Him poetic and metaphorical attributes of fire when talking about Him. For example, Deuteronomy 4:24 says, “For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God” (ESV). This is repeated in Hebrews 12:29.

God [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] is a consuming and jealous fire meaning He will bring forth His intent for humanity and nothing can stand in His way. It is His divine purpose for us that we bear His image and this divine purpose will burn away everything in us that is not of Him. Reflecting God is as simple as denying self and as complicated as denying self. When we see God for who He really is, and mirror Him, we then truly have life and it is all consuming… like fire.

Reflecting occurs when we see God for who He is as persons and reflect Him in believing-faithfulness. We do not believe in action for blessings or the benefits of right living, but for a relationship with God alone. This results in all good things. It is love for God at the throne of the human heart that brings forth God’s consuming fiery glory and then extends to our entire lives.

We believe God is who He says He is! He is the TRIUNE GOD WHO IS ONE! The GOD proclaimed in the Bible is Creator, Triune, and One. He is an uncreated being Who self-exists in a Trinity of persons of the same essence. We are the created “imagers” made to reflect the PERFECT ONE, though we all fall short of God the Father’s standard (sin).  Jesus Christ, His Son, has made manifest in His human incarnation the very nature and reflection of God the Father.  By way of redemption in Christ Jesus, human beings can practically reflect God in our day to day lives by living in the power of the Holy Spirit.


KEY QUESTION: How can we practically reflect God? 

We can reflect God as the CREATOR: 

#1 Honor God as Creator 

#2 Living human life and decisions under His Lordship and Sovereignty

#3 Stewardship of earthly Creation

We can reflect that He is TRIUNE: 

#1 Honor the Divine Order

#2 Submitting to roles in mirroring the relational order of Godhead

#3 Live at peace physically, emotionally, and spiritually with God

#4 Parent according to His commands

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We can reflect that He is ONE: 

#1 Cultivate personal character that reflects Jesus Christ

#2 Manage all relationships according to His standards of living

#3 Create a community in the world at large that does what God commands

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