Here you will find some CREATIVE ways we have thought about the BIBLE, BIBLICAL ISSUES, and CHRISTIAN LIVING. God has given us many gifts to express and explore Him!

A PARABLE: The Plucking of the Birds

The Plucking of the Birds             Imagine if you would a little area where all kinds of birds live.  There are toucans, flamingos, peacocks, golden pheasants, and all kinds of colorful macaws.  They all live in harmony except for one season when villagers who live nearby challenge each other to see which villager can pluck […]

A PARABLE: “The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…”

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a meme first discovered and shared with many friends. The Kingdom of Heaven is like F4 Key after the Blue Screen of Death. The Kingdom of Heaven is like eating a meal at a restaurant, knowing you only have $2 to your name, and the wait staff tells you […]

A Christmas Story: Sam the Sheep

Sam the sheep was minding his own business when all of a sudden the sky lit up with angels.  It was so bright.  He couldn’t see because of the shining glory and that was “Baaahd.”  There were lots of voices and lots of singing.  It was so loud he could hear nothing else but angelic […]


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