STORIES THAT CONNECT: Serving Makes a Difference


Pete sat at the desk and stretched his muscles.  He had been putting names and addresses into the computer all morning.  He had volunteered to come and put donor information into a computer for the Walk for Life.  The Walk for Life supported an abortion alternative ministry that Pete’s church supports.  They asked for volunteers and so here he sat for hours on end filling in first name, last name, address, phone number, and amount.  Over and over and over.  It was so boring. 

Anyway, Pete had spent all morning typing and marking on lists when he felt tired and wondered if what he was doing was even all that helpful.  He felt like he wasn’t really helping anyone with what he was doing.  A few nurses walked by… they definitely help people.  A counselor walked by and said “thank you,” but she was definitely someone who helped to save babies.  The director who started the whole thing walked by and said “thank you” and Pete knew that guy had made a difference in a lot of people’s lives. 

It came time for lunch and Pete grabbed his lunch and went into the room where the volunteers were eating.  One of the ministry workers was in there.  She said thank you to all the volunteers who were inputting names and addresses and pledges into the computer.  She asked: “Have any of you wondered if what you are doing makes a difference?” 

Pete slumped in his chair thinking she was a mind reader. 

“You being here,” she continued, “allowed me the freedom to work with a young woman this morning who came unsure of what to do.  She is pregnant.  She is scared.  We talked.  We prayed.  She saw her baby on the sonogram.  She chose life today for her baby girl.  You are part of that.  You inputting pledges into the computer allows us to do what we do.  We saved a baby today… a whole life!” 

Everyone in the room clapped and cheered. 

Pete hurriedly ate the rest of his lunch and went back happily inputting names and addresses and phone numbers and every single pledge.    


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