AMOS Chapter 9 (Part 2): We See Hope


What is described? 

What literally happened? 

What is revealed about God’s character? 

Read Amos 9 

Amos 9 is found to have 2 parts.  The first part (verses 1-10) shares a vivid depiction of the judgment that will come upon Israel.  The second part (verses 11-15) gives a little bit of hope for restoration. 

It is in verses 11-15, that we see hope.  The Messiah is in full view in these verses.  The booth/hut of David that will be raised up is the Messiah.  In fact, Jews coined a term for the Messiah… Son of the Fallen… from these verses.  The promised son of David would come and would rebuild the Kingdom of God “as of old.”  The comment of Jesus in Matthew 12:42 about being greater than Solomon makes sense in light of this prophecy. 

We should also take note that in verses 11-15 that the Kingdom would be expanded, be bountiful, and would include all nations called by God.  There is restoration and planting and harvest and blessing.  The inheritance God will give in the Messianic Age is a permanent one.  Jesus Christ teaches this truth (for example) in John 10:28 when He teaches that no one will be plucked from His hand and life in Him is eternal. 

There are great promises made amid such harsh judgment for all Israel and for the nations of the earth at the same time.  Do not think either/or, but think both/and.  People of faith are the survivors of the judgment who are in His Kingdom.  Anyone… Jews or Gentiles… in the Kingdom of God will survive and be planted and will be secure.  Israel (all the tribes)will be grafted into Christ (Romans 11) and when they abide they will be the remnant.  This all began at Pentecost (Acts 2) and thus began the gathering of the nations unto Christ (the remnant, the mercy, the healing). 

SUMMARY & APPLICATION: What is revealed about God’s character? 

In God’s boundless grace, He has restored the House of David and brought forth a Savior.  That Savior, Jesus of Nazareth the Christ, now sits at the right hand of God the Father forever.  Jesus is not just for the Jews (He is for them), but He also calls all nations to Him who will place faith in Him.  This grace comes after judgment. 

Mercy (hope they don’t deserve) is proclaimed. 


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