> Read Revelation 15 <


Verse 1: This sign in heaven shows the finishing out of God’s wrath.

Verses 2-4: KEY POINT: The Sea of Glass mingled with fire is very symbolic of the purification that is happening in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.  In Revelation 4:6, the Sea of Glass around God’s throne in there, but there is no fire.  In this verse, we have sea mixed with fire (purifying the sea) and the martyrs are surrounding/standing on the Sea.  People and the Creation are being purified by God as Heaven and Earth are brought together in the plan of God.  What goes on in Heaven effects Earth. 

Interesting that in Revelation 1, John is given a measuring rod and told the measure the temple of God which includes the altar and the ones who worship there, but not the outer court because it has been given the Gentiles who will trample on the holy city for fourty-two months.

The outer court on earth is parallel to the sea mixed with fire in heaven.  It is on fire because it is given over the Gentiles on earth that by way of the gospel many will be purified during the bowls and plagues period (time of the gentile).  Christ is redeeming and purifying Creation. The measure of things is already established in Heaven… Earth is now following.

Verse 5: The sanctuary of the tent of witness in heaven is opened to pour out wrath.

Verse 7: A being gives a bowls full of wrath to the angels.  The handing of the bowls to the other angels is for the purpose of being poured out. 

Verse 8:  The burning consuming glory fills the sanctuary until God’s wrath is satisfied or finished.


Chapter 15 focuses on the time of the Gospel being declared from the nation of Israel (primarily) to all the entire world.  This declaration of the Gospel is coupled with the wrath of God towards the disrespectfully unrepentant.  Contained in this chapter are angels with 7 bowls with the last plagues.  This is the same as the 7 thunders which was sealed up for “the end” in chapter 10.  We also see spirits that are before the throne (see Revelation chapter 4) which seem to be interrelated or even the same as the ones in Chapter 4.  As the Gospel goes out, so the torment goes out hand-in-hand.

This chapter shows a scene in heaven which appears to be dealing with the transition of the Gospel going out and Israel handed over to the Gentiles.  This was also mentioned in Revelation 7:9 and of which I think the 3rd angel gave it warning about taking the mark of the beast starting at verse 9 in chapter 14.  This chapter describes the period after the Ascension of Christ as the Gospel goes out where people can receive or reject Christ as Lord.

The mix of glass and fire in the Sea of Glass is the judgement brought by the expansion of the Gospel into all the nations.

NOTE: We also see fulfillment of Jesus words against Jerusalem that “your house is left to you desolate” (Luke 13:35) until they turn to Him.


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