> Read Revelation Chapter 5 <


  • Verse 1: This is similar to Ezekiel 2:9-10.  The scroll comes from the One on the throne thus it is a royal seal… seven… speaking to the complete authority that they are sealed with.  See also Isaiah 29:11 and Daniel 12:4.
  • Verse 3: All humans have fallen short of the glory of God (see Romans 3:23).
  • Verse 5: It is an elder who speaks to John rather than an angel because because elders (human figures) have the responsibility of being a witness and pointing to Who Jesus (the Lamb) is to us.
  • Verses 6-7: Scripture in light of scripture is always a basic hermeneutic.  See Colossians 1:19 which tells us the fullness of God dwelled bodily in Jesus.

NOTE: Jesus Christ is worthy to open the scroll and loose the seals, is the greatest in heaven and on earth and under the earth, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the slain lamb, God complete, worthy of our worship, worthy of Heaven’s worship, worthy of a new song, strong with honor, and sits on the throne forever. That is Jesus!


We have in the background Daniel 7:13 as Jesus Christ is the One Who comes in as the One worthy.  It is almost like Acts 1 occurs as Jesus ascends into Heaven and He steps into this passage.  Jesus comes in and takes control.  His kingdom is established with Christ as its King.  Jesus is like David… the anointed one.  And yet, there is still resistance to Him.  Jesus is still the focus.

REMEMBER: Revelation is not always linear.

Focus on the Worthiness of the Lamb.  Jesus Christ is what the prophet Daniel says was coming.  The Kingdom is starting.  This will be the Kingdom that is forever and Jesus Christ is the King taking the throne.  This is true, but we don’t see it fully yet.  This One taking the throne is worthy.  Judgement will follow because of the price He paid.

NOTE: The elder (already in Heaven) looks at Jesus and sees a lion.  John looks at Jesus and sees a lamb.  Jesus is both depending on your heavenly or earthly perspective.

Do not get caught up in trying to identify everything.  What is most important is to see the transition to a worldwide spread of the Gospel and the judgement that is needed for that to happen. That is what Jesus begins in Acts 1 as He sends His disciples out into the world. This spreading of the Kingdom of God (God’s People) creates conflict. The same thing that happens to Israel will eventually happen to the world because of the Gospel of Christ.  All the symbols point to Jesus being Who is needed and being God.  He is what the prophets said would come.  This fulfillment is paramount to understand how things are fulfilled.


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