The Book of Revelation (the last book in the Bible in the New Testament) is a book full of visions, images, symbols, strange sights, mixes of Old Testament allusions, and commentary on culture past, present, and future.  We will do our best weekly to present 1 or 2 chapters for your blog reading to entice you to dig deeper into this book that tears away the veil on God, Jesus, the Gospel, and the interaction of the Kingdom of God and the powers and principalities of the World. 

What will we find in the Book of Revelation?

Chiastic Parallel Progressive Structure of Revelation

We believe that when the overall Book of Revelation is surveyed, a chiastic structure of repetition and progression is revealed which describes the Gospel Message’s march into the nations of the earth and the conflict that the Kingdom of God endures.  In the end, Jesus Christ will come for His People. 

Jesus Christ, the LORD, is coming soon:

  • Chapters 1-3 finds the Church commanded to repent and/or be faithful.
  • Chapters 4-6 God’s Will is decreed via sentencing of humanity themed in terms of seals.
  • Chapters 7-9 show ‘now and not yet’ implications of the decree at the time of writing and is themed in terms of the first 6 trumpets.
  • Chapters 10-13 focus on the ‘not yet’ implications of the decree themed by the Seventh trumpet.
  • Chapter 14 focuses on the implications pointing forward to the larger harvest of all nations.
  • Chapters 15-16 review the ‘now and not yet’ depicted in the themes of bowls and plagues.
  • Chapters 17-22 review the ‘now and not yet’ themed by two women and two cities.  Overall, a division is made among all nations and people into two types: Christ followers and the Devil’s followers. These two groups are mixed among the nations.
  • Chapters 21-22 reveals the fate of faithful people and their future to be  forever apart of the new Heaven and Earth united as one in the presence of the LORD.

Every week we will release a new blog on a chapter of Revelation which will include study notes and comments about the chapter.  We hope to help you study the Book of Revelation and point our areas of interest and needed interpretations to help you understand (as much as possible) the last book in the Bible.

Each chapter will follow: Study notes, Comments, and then when needed, a follow up blog digging deeper into some areas where needed.


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