A Tale of Two Servants


True service to the Lord is not based on from where your service is rendered. 

In 2 Kings 5, there is a story about how a great commander of the Syrian army (Naaman) was healed of leprosy by following the word of the prophet Elisha.  What prompted his healing was direction of a servant girl!  That servant girl was taken via a raid in Israel.  She came into the service of the great commander and Naaman’s wife through basically being enslaved to them.

Yet, she still had a heart for Naaman’s well being.

She told of the prophet in Israel that could heal Naaman’s leprosy.  Not only did it come to pass that Naaman was healed, but he came to believe that the God of Israel was the only True God.  God used the loyal service of this girl to point him to restoration.  What’s more… now the girl would serve in the house of a fellow worshipper of God.  Clearly she would have his favor.

Now, there was another servant in the story. His name was Gehazi.  He had the status and privilege of serving with Elisha.  Elisha was one of the greatest wonder working Old Testament prophets.  When Naaman came to Elisha, he did like what he heard and was resentful and angry at first.  Some with him calmed him down and encourage him to follow the word of the prophet.  It worked!

Naaman returned to Elisha wanting to offer his gratitude with money. The prophet said no.  Naaman left with some dirt from Israel in order to offer worship to God.  Gehazi followed the commander after he left and with a lie claimed money.  He lied and said it was charity.  Naaman gave the money and items freely.  Gehazi lied and took the money for himself.  As soon as Gerhazi got back Elisha, the prophet confronted him about his lie.  Elisha pronounced that the leprosy that had plagued the commander would fall on him for the rest of his life.  It did!

What does this tale of two servants tell us? 

Your status in this world is what it is, but regardless, we must always be faithful and point folks to God and He will use us.


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