A PARABLE: The Sweetest Fruit

Once, there was a young man who sought the sweetest fruit.  He lived in a land that knew that good fruit comes from all kinds of trees.  In their season, each tree bore many types of fruit for all the folks of the land.  He decided he wanted to taste them all.  At a young age, he began his pursuit with the aim of finding the most satisfying fruit from which to eat daily and have a happy life.

After many years, he had eaten all he wanted from every tree and none of them provided fruit that could give the happy life he desired.  He suffered a season of disappointment.

One day, he was wandering the forest in his deep disappointment. There shined light from around the trees illuminating a young girl approaching him.  She carried a basket full of good fruit all of which he had tasted in days past.  He knew each. She came near and spoke to his distress, and with great kindness gave him some of her fruit saying, “eat and feel better”. 

He ate from her kindness and his heart filled with glee

As she walked off, light from the sky above shining down bright revealed to his amazement more people just like her.  There were many people like her picking fruit, filling baskets, and all sharing with wide smiles. 

They were always there.

Sharing the fruits, they picked.

With just deeds.

Seeing to one another’s needs.

He made a decision in the light of their acts.  He turned from what gleamed good in his eye to eat of the good nature that finally satisfied his need.  He then also began to pick fruit, fill his basket, and share with others.


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