4 Days in the Hospital

I started having stomach pain in the afternoon of October 14, 2018. I thought it was just stress. It was. The stress of the coming days aided the formation of a dime-sized kidney stone that needed to be blasted to pieces 6 months later. I had the Shock Wave Lithotripsy this past week and it could have went better. The kidney stone was blasted into three and all three pieces got stuck and I needed another procedure.

4 Days in the Hospital.

I had a shared hospital room with 1 person the first 3 days and another for the last day. The fellow the last day was considerate and hurting himself. The fellow who was in the room with me the other 75% of the time was some kind of piece of work. Alex was a piece of something.

The first night I got to the room the ‘gentleman’ blasted rap music from some device from 3:00am-4:30am or so. It wasn’t even good rap music, just cursing strung together incoherently. Then around 5am he got on another device to scream and yell playing a Fortnight-type game with friends while eating the loudest chips he could find. Once his lady companion left (sister or friend) after bringing him McDonald’s (because his card was at his mother’s house), he then called four different women throughout the day trying to move in with them.

You see… Alex… this stellar human being, was in the hospital to avoid going to jail. He had just gotten out of jail and had a court date the day I arrived in the hospital. He told one of his friends on the phone during the day that being in the hospital was a legitimate reason to miss court. Had he gone to court that day, he would have been booked to jail again. The poor guy had a crohn’s flare up right when he was supposed to be in court.

The next night I was awakened just before midnight to three screaming children asking to go home, Finding Dory blasting on the TV, more music streaming from a device, and more video games being played with volume to cover over the movie. There were 2 other adults on that side of the room plus my considerate lovely roommate. A nurse came in about 12:15am and asked how I was doing. I said no words, but pointed to the other side of the room (the sheet/curtain was drawn between us). She left. She came back 5 minutes later and asked the noise pollution brigade to leave. She gave them 30 minutes to leave. They took the whole 30 minutes making sure the kids finished up all the jello and made a plan to punch out any hospital staff on the way out should they be rude. He escorted them all from the room and he left the movie running. Thanks Alex.

He came back an hour later and then spent the next 4 hours on the phone with Jazmine who was the mother of his daughters. He berated her, verbally assaulted her, tried to isolate her from friends and family, and was a passive-aggressive master. He should write a book on how to manipulate women. Jazmine was the recipient of the domestic violence that landed him in jail. From his side of the conversation, that poor girl wanted nothing to do with him and told him so on multiple occasions. For 4 hours he argued, abused, questioned, hung-up and recalled that poor girl. They finished speaking around 5am and he not only had her agreeing to marry him, but had moved back in with her, and had a ride to work. At 5am, he got off the phone. You know why right? Yep, back on Fortnight yelling and screaming until 7am.

Alex is an absolute piece of crap human being who deserves to be locked up in jail for beating his girlfriend. He doesn’t deserve to have his mother take him in. He deserves to be fired. It sounds like he deserved to have his children taken from him. He was gone after I got back from my second procedure.

I have run those 4 days over in my head since I was released and the same question just runs in my head over and over and over and over.

Why didn’t I share the Gospel with him?


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