My Identity

My name is Brian. I am a man who has accepted the forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. In so doing, I have committed to conforming to his image. That, in turn, means I am in the process of holistically learning to live in my relationship with Christ by the Spirit he imparted to me in our union. The nature of my Savior now and forever shared with me. So, in knowing him, the submission to his nature is now the very meaning of life to me. Daily I aim towards loyalty with good works to honor my acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Each day is a striving towards his nature, yet only by believing do I find continuance in the one who saves me. I remain in his light bearing the discipline and truth through which Christ is bringing me into his maturity. Just as Jesus first was true to himself by the submission to the sacrifice associated with God maintaining a relationship with humanity. So, now by his grace – the giving of himself – I seek to be human. In his ways, I find Identity and truth to live by rather than despair and destruction.

Therefore, I, as we all, if we are genuinely committed to conformity in following Jesus Christ, need to be faithful to him as he was faithful to Father God. Jesus is a human, the Godman but human nonetheless. Who chose to in his faithfulness share truth (himself) over and above only exhibiting he was morally superior. I find my Identity in following his nature more than in title or station or anything else I have encountered. The status of an image bearer of the LORD is all I need to drink from to have meaning. I find that conformity to Jesus by the internalizing of his life brings Identity into perspective because life dwells in the LORD.

In a King is found my Identity,
born human, the seed promised as family.
The holy life whose face I long to see,
potential unbound through his flesh to me.

In him, life has promise eternally.
Exceedingly good crowned with immortality


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