A Prayer

I and I have heard that others have been irritated and stressed significantly in recent days. That is to say, more than the usual stuff. So, for those engaged in the reality of spiritual warfare things seem to heighten right now. I would also like to emphasize as a scriptural reminder. Our (human beings) fight is not with flesh and blood (fellow human beings).
Below I have written a prayer. If you agree with the words I encourage you to also lift your voice to God as the words below imply and, of course, add your own:

Holy Father God,
We come unable to bear Your Presence in ourselves.
Thank you for sending Your Messenger of love, Christ Jesus our Lord and bearing our sin.
Help us now live in faithful belief and not our own strength.
Since it is Your Kingdom, we are to live in and not one made of our hands.
And so, as we have turned to You Father, our souls long for Your nature and direction.
Be manifest in us.
That we too may have the willingness to be just and forgiving. To live in the reconciling way of Your Kingdom full of love and not recoil into the sickness of denying Your presence.
Your Kingdom come,

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