10 Rules for Prom for Christian Teenagers

10 Rules for Prom for Christian Teenagers

10 RulesI am the father of teenagers. I am a Christian father of teenagers.  I am a Christian father of Christian teenagers.  I am not sure what that entails other than my children are very quickly becoming adults.  I pray they are Christians who dwell in Scripture.  That not only means they read the Bible and understand it, but live it out as well.  Scripture does no good if we do not live it out.  We should not be only dwellers in the Word, but doers.

Prom is a rite of passage for the American teenager.  It is also scary for me as a Christian parent since I know what I wanted to do at my Prom… and I was a Christian teenager.  I wrote these out in hopes of guiding my children in their Prom and Homecoming adventures.  Somehow I felt these 10 rules (boundaries… suggestions… guiding thoughts) would allow my teenagers to feel loved and supported by their dad that loves them dearly.

Maybe they will be helpful for you as a Christian parent…

#1 Text me PMU (“pick me up”) at any time and I will call you to make an excuse so that you have to leave. You can blame your exit on stupid parents. I will come to your location at any time for any reason.

#2 You must disclose the location of prom and any after-parties you will go to. You may not go any place you have not told me about.  Period.  You may call and adjust your plan, but it must be accompanied with an address.

#3 Never leave your cup unattended. If you lose sight of your drink, get another.  Only drink what you have poured yourself.  No exceptions.  Be vigilant and aware of this.

#4 No drinking alcohol of any kind or any kind of drugs.  Seriously.

#5 Have tons of fun.

#6 Be aware that many males (and I suppose females) are on the prowl for sex. That’s pretty much the whole goal of the night.  The goal is to have sex.  Be aware of yourself and your surroundings.  Say no for your soul-sake.

#7 Trust the Holy-Spirit-laden intuition you have. If you at any moment feel uncomfortable, leave.  It doesn’t matter who you have to drive home or who is counting on you, just leave.  I will gladly transport people you left in the lurch because you were uncomfortable.

#8 Be extra careful driving. Be extra aware of drunk drivers.  If you choose to break #4, do not under any circumstances drive.  Call us.

#9 Be mindful that “Bad company corrupts good character.”

#10 Since Prom is from 7pm-11pm. Curfew is 1:00am firm as bars close at 2:00am and you need to be off the road before drunk drivers. Curfew means inside our home.

I trust you.  I do not trust other people.


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