Covenants Always Lead to Life

Covenants Always Lead to Life

Exodus through Deuteronomy can be difficult to read.  Your eyes might blur and your brain might get fuzzy as you trudge through laws and standards.  At times, instructions are duplicated.  What I don’t want you to miss is that the word “covenant” and the idea of covenant and the working out of covenants between human beings and God are life giving agreements.  They are eternally important.

I would like to point out that God establishes covenants… all covenants… to preserve life and to give life.  The covenant with Noah was to preserve life and to never destroy the Earth again by flood.  The Abrahamic Covenant established life after life in succession with one man who would become a nation.  Moses brought the covenant to the People of Israel to explain what life was all about and to outline bountiful life in God.  David’s covenant was about establishing God’s rule over life over generations.

Life.  Life.  Life.  Life.

I didn’t even get to the New Covenant paid for in Jesus’ Blood which brings Eternal Life.


Every single time God sets down a rule or boundary or enters into a covenant with someone or a group of people, the end result is always life for them.  Always.  God (YHWH) never enters into an agreement where the end result is death.  He is not about death.  He is about life.  He is about offering Eternal Life since He is the only source of Eternal Life.

May I submit to you that the opposite is also true.  Being outside of God’s covenants produces the opposite of life… death.  We’ll skip over every example in the Old Testament and focus just on the New Testament.  What is the result of someone who is outside of Christ?  What is the eternal disposition of someone not in a covenant relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son empowered by the Holy Spirit?


That same “rule” applies in every single one of the covenants that God Almighty establishes with His People and other people.  God brings life.  Outside of Him is death.  This is simply true because God is the only source of life.


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