A Christian Voice

A Christian Voice

Through the eyes Of God, I see

In His steps, I will be
in His ways, I will grow
Into His arms, I will go
with His promise in my heart

For Through the eyes of God, I see

A future bright a future free
Free to dance
Free to care
Free to smile and Free the share
Spirit-filled and full of joy
His Holy Spirit rids my soul of void

For through the eyes of God, I see, a narrow gate open to me

For in my Christ I have no fear
The extra miles I will bear
though His cup is pain to drink
I know I’ll flourish in life’s trial
To know my God
His way, His truth, His lifestyle

For through the eyes of God, I see, His way I hold to with belief

No need to reach for carnal gain
just the knowledge of my King
by His grace I am sustained
within the prayers of His own.
For by self-giving Christ has won.

Through the eyes of God, I see, His promise I hold to without release…

God, in your Presence all is fine
In your presence, sight divine
I see your plan mapped out for me
In a state of faith, set free

In You hope has a name
In your love, I am ordained
With a purpose from on high
a future bright, I won’t deny

When morning breaks I’ll run to thee for through your giving Christ I see

In the sky, my arms shall reach to praise you, God, with more than speech
My Lord my God safe in your care
My Lord my God you are my air
My every breath it comes from you
Alpha Omega you are truth.

Through Christ, I see
By His Word I live, I move, breathe

Praise God