• The Eternal Lifestyle
    The key phase to understand in this story relates to what the eternal lifestyle entails: “They will worship in the Spirit and truth.”
  • Humanity’s Light
    Jesus Christ is the full revelation of God’s answer to our earthly circumstances.
  • A PARABLE: The Wealthy Father and His Daughter
    A PARABLE: THE WEALTHY FATHER AND HIS DAUGHTER There once was a father of great wealth.  His daughter saw a dress in the window of an upscale fashion center she liked, but did not have the money to make a purchase. Then she said to herself, “My father is wealthy; I will go to him and […]
  • A PARABLE: The Plucking of the Birds
    The Plucking of the Birds             Imagine if you would a little area where all kinds of birds live.  There are toucans, flamingos, peacocks, golden pheasants, and all kinds of colorful macaws.  They all live in harmony except for one season when villagers who live nearby challenge each other to see which villager can pluck […]
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