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Seeding the Kingdom

10 percent? 100 percent? The fact is all is the Lords, so live for him. Do good in his Name with the resources you have focused on abiding in King Jesus. First off, I want to address a practical way to behave in accordance with the fact that all is the Lord's. Be content with... Continue Reading →

What does God want from me?

WHAT DOES GOD WANT FROM ME? This question, or one like it, may have struck us at some point in our lives.  We might realize in some kind of panic or gradually over a period of time that we have no clue what God wants from us.  What does He want from me?  What does... Continue Reading →

Putting Our Heart on the Altar

Putting Our Heart on the Altar Frank's Story Frank really enjoyed being on the mission trip.  It had been quite an experience to be in another culture for a week and also to work for the Lord.  The church group he was with would work all day helping people reconstruct their homes after a storm... Continue Reading →

My Identity

My name is Brian, I am a man who has accepted forgiveness offered from Jesus Christ. In so doing I have committed to conforming to his image. That, in turn, means I am in the process of holistically learning through my relationship by the Spirit he imparted to me in our union. The nature of... Continue Reading →

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