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JAMES 5: A Word on Greed and Prayer

PAGE BY PAGE THROUGH THE BOOK OF JAMES: CHAPTER 5 A Word on Greed and Prayer James concludes with words of distress for the greedy rich.  They are to weep and howl for without repentance… misery is coming on them.  He states this as a fact that is actively coming to them as a proclamation […]

JAMES 4: Dangerous Desires

God leads. We follow. God leads. We follow. We are to commit ourselves to practically live out what God has written on our hearts and lead others in the right direction.

JAMES 2: Partiality and Faith

A demon knows God exists, but has chosen to go Satan’s way or even its own self-interested way. This may sound weird, but I want to have more character than a demon.

JAMES 1: Trials

Whether out of innocence (because we’ve not yet built up the moral muscle) or lack of integrity (due to carnal tendencies of taking the easier path rather than the road less traveled), we need wisdom and the Bible tells us, Christ on the cross is the wisdom of God on display for us.

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